We No Longer Offer Fort Myers Shark Fishing

We are no longer doing offering our Fort Myers shark fishing charters for several reasons. Primarily they are taking to much time away from our Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charters. In addition everyone has unrealistic expectations when it comes to shark fishing, this seems to be the direct result of watching shark week on TV. Sharks are like any other fish, they can be spooky and hard to catch regardless of how much bloody chum is in the water. Before you decide to book a shark charter with another guide, remember that they are big strong fish and require substantial physical strength and stamina. Shark fishing IS NOT a good idea for kids under 16, they are simply not strong enough nor do they have the fishing skills needed to fight a big fish on light tackle. In addition shark fishing can be very tedious, hours of waiting for a big fish to approach the boat and then have them spook away at the last minute. Please Note: To save you some time, peak Shark fishing season is spring and summer, at other times of the year it is very tough.

Consider An Alternative Charter

If you are looking for a fun Fort Myers fishing charter consider one of our other Fort Myers fishing charters. We offer our inshore light tackle fishing charters for Spec Trout, Redfish, Snook, Pompano, and whatever else comes along. From April to November we specialize in Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing charters for our resident Tarpon that are catchable everyday! In addition you should try our Fort Myers night fishing charters, its is one of the most entertaining and interesting fishing trips you will ever experience.

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